Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jaipur...Don't Let 1 Bad Apple Spoil The Bunch

1.City Palace guard hangin' in the Old City 3.resident of the Monkey Temple 4.Monkey Temple guard(i love this kid) 5.Old City best friends
-Many of you , have already seen a few of these pics, but i never took the time to post anything about my stay in Jaipur, sooo... Jaipur, Rajasthan, The Pink City(so named for the overkill of salmon color paint), located in the desserts of western India, is a dry, sandy place, filled to the brim with hungry jewelry shops. This congested metropolis is the capital of Rajasthan and the home to India's oldest movie house. Jaipur is also typically a peaceful place, but when 8 serial bomb blasts struck the heart of Jaipur's "Old City", on May 13th, leaving over 60 dead, and hundreds wounded, everyone was put on edge... I know i was.
Though the blast occurred less than a mile from my guest-house, i was not physically affected by the attack. One of the places attacked was the Hanuman Temple, where i payed a visit just the day before.
Despite this rare occurrence, Jaipur is still an interesting destination, with much to offer, as well as a lot of beautiful people, and strongly recommend for any India itinerary!


tybo said...

miss you buddy. i am so happy that you're there. I am in Richmond, Virginia with Henry on an Attachedhands tour. Not as enchanting as central asia, but somewhat endearing. stay safe( from the blasts), and we'll continue to watch your progress. BONE.


Tyson!! looking forward to some poker. hold a place for me at the table...i'll be there in about a year! Virgina's beautiful.. Have a blast on tour and Tell Hank i said hello!